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. >>> two men rescue a woman dangling from a building. >>> a's are in houston and harbough talked about a hat but not a 49er hat. . >> new at 11:00 two stunt men are applauded afterrescuing a woman on the edge of a balcony. it was all caught on camera. >> somebody get in there and help her. >> reporter: the scene was heart-stopping. >> it was 14 stories up, and this girl was on the rail preparing to go. >> reporter: she was depressed over a relationship. they had to scale a fence then found a security guard. they raced to the 14th floor. >> we couldn't get to her. >> reporter: they slide the door then his comrade rushed in to help. he was already wearing scaffolding rigging. sounds of panic on the street were sounds of joy. [ applause ] the comparisons between these pretend heroes and real life ones is not what they want. >> it was instinctive to just respond and do what we did. we are glad everybody is okay. >>> the limousine fire in san mateo was tragic. new information of what lead up to this fire, we talked to the limo driver's estranged wife. >> reporter: she had a conversation wit
me from atlanta tonight. >>> to houston now, where behind the doors of one house was a horrible secret, four men claim they held captive, lured in and locked up in the garage. now the homeowner's grandson is facing felony charges. police are investigating whether the men, one of them 80 years old, had been forced to hand over their government aid including disability, social security, and veterans checks. in 30 minutes cnn's ed lavandera joins me live from houston with more on this very bizarre story. >>> a horrible accident in texas to tell you about. a woman riding a roller coaster at six flags over texas fell to her death yesterday. witnesses say she tumbled out of her seat when the coaster dropped during a steep turn. her son was on the ride and saw his mom fall. >> the man was sitting next to a woman and they were both saying let me out, let me out. my mom fell off. my mom fell off. i need -- i need to go find her. and the park workers are kind of taken aback by it and didn't really know if he was being serious or not, once they realized he was being serious, then they rush
100 metropolitan areas. so you take a place like houston which is the most diverse city in the united states, more diverse than new york, more diverse than los angeles. their people welcome -- yeah, houston. houston has the vietnamese, the iranians, bosnian. there is an amazing place in houston called neighborhood cities. >> i see a story in this. last go. >> there is always a story. the diversity of houston has helped these immigrants coming here, some with a lot of skills and some of a lot of scars and get them into education for their kids. they get them into the banking center -- the system. people in houston now this is the future of houston's economy. these people are here to work and if they can get into the mainstream systems their contributions will really resonate. since all stories have to have fat, the tax returns that neighborhood centers prepare for these immigrants and other low income people bring $41 million a year back into the houston economy. the immigrants are a source of income and energy there so why would a metropolitan put out a close on when they can put out
who has performed in front of 70,000 people. from houston, texas, please welcome brett mitchell. nice to see you, brett. >> hi, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> 70,000 people. where was that, and what was that like? i mean, what goes through your head when you look out and see that number of people? >> it was pretty crazy. it was actually at the halftime show of a houston texans football game. >> really? >> i was the assistant conductor for four years of the houston symphony, so we played there. it was fantastic. you know, you get to feed off of the energy of the crowd, a
people captive in a houston home. you can see a mugshot here of jones. police say he's facing felony charges after they discovered four men ranging from 50 to 80 years old in a garage, and they may have been there for many years. we have more. >> reporter: it is a bizarre story that houston police detectives are investigating. on friday houston please were called out to a neighborhood on the north side of the city. whenny arrived and look -- when they arrived and looked inside the house, they said they discovered men being held against their will. authorities say inside there was four men ranging in the age of 50 and 80 years old. they were mall malnourished. authorities say they are still trying to unravel what exactly has been going on here, trying to figure out how long they had been held here against their will. they say it's possibly more than weeks, more than months, hat -- that they were held inside the house. detectives say they were lured into this house by a suspect who has been detained in custody. >> once they arrived here and were lured in, they were not allowed to leav
's finish in houston. it is a pinch hitter, 1-for-2 since the home run hitting contest. crank it up. here is balfour, he gives up the safe to dominguez. he goes to work. it is in the dirt. spot there. houston was picked off, bad throw by norris. here comes jonathan villar. a's still 3 up in the american league west. balfour's streak is over. >>> cbs the network is reporting a-rod could face a live time ban for performance enhancing drugs. there is more evidence against him than ryan braun who got a 65-game suspension. rodriguez tried to payoff people who would hold back information about his using the drugs. you don't mess with evidence. there is no word from rodriguez or the yankees. stanford football has sold all season ticket packages. warriors there is the 18th season in the league. giants visit the white house monday. today it was the louisville team. $2.2 million overseas but taking $750,000. you have to give the government 61%. >> ouch. good night. good morning, jack. lemon, i'm helping to organize a little fundraising dinner for john mccain this weekend, and i need some women to a
impression in houston the 27 year old was eating breakfast at a popular midtown houston restraunt "the breakfast klub", when he decided to pick up the tab for every patron - and many local news crews just happened to be therej >> gary: dwight howard then stopped to talk to reporters, who questions. >> reporter: how happy are used to be in houston? >> i am very happy, very happy this is a beautiful city and work on the have fun this season. >> gary: those of the type of questions he will get and houston barrett the softer media than they are and california. >> gary: debacle become bad boy barack the roman says its a schools and edgy drink. back to pam moore. its a schools and edgy drink. back to pam moore. >> phohow big?g?ch hehe j jusus. rerealallyly big. tetellll him to send a pic. nonoo!o!! ! ok..... whwhoaoa.. whwhoaoa.. itit's's j jack's big stack. tw, ststacked with onion rings,ststs alall l ststacked on toasted so. ohoh, , tetell her i'm easy... .....'.'cacause of the drive-. >> pam: 21 month-olddaphne viola webb stickum but taken from her car in east oakland to look after partne
. >>> in houston, dueling sets of protests show the fallout from the george zimmerman trial is far from over. the city saw a massive deployment of police and at times confrontation but no real violence after houston-based new black panther activist organized a march through the wealthy river oak suburb. however, those rallying to honor trayvon martin were met by a small but vocal group of zimmerman supporters who were determined to have their voices heard. >>> meanwhile, senator john mccain became one of the more prominent republican lawmakers to weigh in on the controversial stand your ground law. >> i can also see that stand your ground law may be something that needs to be reviewed by -- >> in arizona? >> by the florida legislature or any other legislature. isn't this time for us to try to come together? isn't it time for america to come together in light of what we -- several weeks of what is really exacerbating relations between elements of our society? i'd rather have a message of coming together and discussing these issues rather than condemning. >>> police in east cleveland, ohio, ha
in the top 100 atropos and areas. see takeaways like houston, which is most of her city in the united states, more diverse than new york and los angeles. >> you know, there is this amazing place in houston called neighborhood centers. >> just. >> and what they do is help these immigrants were coming here, some of a lot of skills and others with a lot of scars. and they get them into education for their kids. they get them into the banking system. they get them into the health care system. because people in houston know this is the future of the houston economy and people appear to work. and if they can get into these mainstream systems, their contributions will really resonate since all stories have trackbacks. the tax returns are preparing for these immigrants and other low-income people, and they are bringing in about $41 million a year into the houston economy. so why would a metropolitan area without enclosed simony can put up a out the welcome sign and see the benefit. >> here's another fine line. >> if you have an enlightened leadership and you're trying to figure out a way to bridge b
'll tell you what happened and how the park is now responding. >>> and in houston, texas a garage becomes a prison for several elderly people who say they've been held captive. the disturbing allegations, next. >>> but first, those rallies going on right now all over the country. thousands of people in more than 100 cities all demanding the same thing: a civil rights case against george zimmerman. we have reporters in cities from coast to coast. let's get started in trayvon martin's home state of florida. nick valencia is there. so nick, a lot of people turned out earlier today in miami for the rally, and among them, trayvon martin's father. and you spoke with him. >> reporter: good afternoon, freddie. hundreds and hundreds of people showed up here today. the rally took place between about 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. afterwards, the crowd marched. they thought very briefly about getting on i-95, which is a major freeway that runs through miami, but that plan changed. they instead went to the police station and ended upcoming back here. but while they were rallying outside, tracy martin was
with a panel that includes the walmart ceo and houston mayor. they took part about the economic benefits that come to communities. this is 35 minutes. ,> please welcome our panel is , president andr ceo of walmart stores incorporated. venture partner, the collaborative fund, jessica jack lee. and our moderator, al jazeera america. good afternoon. it is our pleasure to be here. with anicking us off interesting discussion about shared values and shared responsibility. it is a complicated question. whetherto determine shared value is important to us and whetheret there shared responsibility helps us achieve reacher shared value. i have replaced shared value prosperity. i hope you all voted. we put a question out there to say i fully understand the concept of shared value. we asked if you strongly .isagree or disagree nobody strongly disagreed. you all pretty smart. agree thatd of you you understand the concept of shared value. it is a necessary concept. i do not think people get up in the morning and talk to their significant other about shared value. 44% agree. three/four of you agree that
. >>> you'd have to be an eternal optimist to find a positive about the houston astros these days. brandon barns supplied a diamond in the rough. the rookie hit for the cycle and a perfect 5 for 5 at the plate. he became the eighth astro to ever hit for the cycle and only fitting, houston got beat by seattle. it's their major league leading 62nd loss of the season. >>> baseball players often take their gloves to bed. it's because their gloves help them do stuff like this. with no regard for his own safety, puig continues to be a must-see attraction. what a play by puig. andre ethier would homer in the ninth as the dodgers beat the nationals. markakis here robbing adrian beltre of a home run. he preserved a 2-0 orioles lead. more significantly, markakis saved a woman from getting a face full of nachos. upper left hand corner of your screen. haven't we lrnd by now if you're going to sit in the first row, don't have a beverage or food in front of you. and also, what are you doing wearing white? if you're going to have the food, it's going to get all over you. >> but then you have heroes like
with the houston rockets. no deal can be official until next wednesday. the biggest free agent is leaving the lakers after one year and headed for houston, warriors ownership signed a solid play baker and defender. warriors wanted to acquire denver swingman andre iguodala. today they signed him to a reported four-year deal. it's just an agreement. iguodala averages 15 points over 9 nba seasons. best warriors news may be the trades. three players traded to utah. it means taking off $24 million in salary cap space. golden state sends first round picks next year and 2017 to the jazz. not quite clear what they will receive. good riddance to bad contracts. >>> it look novak 4 hours and 43 minutes but the top seed player used conditioning and experience to win a marathon match. djokovic made the eighth seed run for his life. check out the precision. two guys played the longest wimbledon semifinal match ever. in the end it was djokovic who advances. >>> second speed andy murray online to become the first male wimbledon champion from britain since 1936. he had a battle at the net. murray needed f
child. a houston-texas bakery is sending a life size cake to the palac >>> people are literally going overboard with the birth of the new royal baby, but this one takes the cake, literally. a houston bakery has sent a cake. it is held together with an elaborate pcc piping system and can feed 2,000 people. >>> make way for 63 years old mary vista. you go granny. white haired grandma has become a youtube sensation performing at a local music shop. mary said she's never even heard of youtube until a few days ago. mary says she began drumming when she was 15. has played in more than a dozen bands. rock on. >> rocking granny. new at 6:00, it is expected to get easier for thousands of students across the state. struggling to snag certain classes. >>> how a voter approved tax measure is having a huge impact at california's college just. >>> why it has never been harder for aspiring lawyers. those stories and more at 6:00. >> thanks for watching. cbs evening news is next. kate, the duchess of cambridge, delivers an heir. elizabeth palmer and mark phillips have ils. pope francis in the gray ca
's in houston then and o against the astros this season. athletic committed 3 error early just maxwell pop up in the thirst. i ain't got it. chris carter scores. 3 nothing houston but 8's cock back. this is third homer this year then in the eighth run at first with job. crush off wesley wright 200 fifth of the year that's the gun vote perfect. then perfect against the astros this season. okay we lack for 5 letter word similar to fraud. the answer is brawn. that's close. 2011 vn p are you noted for violating baseball drug toll. drawn was dealt 50 game suspension back in 2012 for us using banned substance. they caught him but the suspension was overturned on technicality. brawn has consistently denied using illegal substances but he admitted today that he did mack some mistake. see what happens going forward with other players would may implicated. warrior and ian clark was at well mont 7 of opportunity played from the heat in summer lug. 33 off the bench. kent played well in vegas. finished 18 tonight. warriors go pert this somewhere on strip probably. summer league champions. 7
lately they won. move into first place. a's in houston then and o against the astros this season. athletic committed 3 error early just maxwell pop up in the thirst. i ain't got it. chris carter scores. 3 nothing houston but 8's cock back. this is third homer this year then in the eighth run at first with job. crush off wesley wright 200 fifth of the year that's the gun vote perfect. then perfect against the astros this season. okay we lack for 5 letter word similar to fraud. the answer is brawn. that's close. 2011 vn p are you noted for violating baseball drug toll. drawn was dealt 50 game suspension back in 2012 for us using banned substance. they caught him but the suspension was overturned on technicality. brawn has consistently denied using illegal substances but he admitted today that he did mack some mistake. see what happens going forward with other players would may implicated. warrior and ian clark was at well mont 7 of opportunity played from the heat in summer lug. 33 off the bench. kent played well in vegas. finished 18 tonight. warriors go pert this so
had their way with the houston astros all season long. in fact, they're 10-0 against them. they're having a little battle with the astros in houston tonight. moss a beneficiary of an heir by dominguez there. take a brief 1-0 lead. castro valley native, jason castro also a stanford man. evens the score for the astros in the bottom of the first for a single to right. the a's have scored one in the third and they lead the ball game. still very early. >>> meantime it's football time of course camps all over the place opening up. raiders-49ers and good news for red skin fans. robert griffin iii, rg3 cleared to practice throughout the preseason of course. but the redskins are going to play it safe after all his injuries. they are not going to play him in any of the preseason games. so they're not going to risk their franchise on that in the count for no one for an exhibition game. that's sports. hopefully highlights in that second game of the double header. none so far though. >> mark, thank you. >>> from colorful to dangerous. the reason bay area gardeners are being told they need to
for the skipper bruce bochy. a's and astros in houston and crazy finish and tied 2-2 in the eighth. turns down a fast ball and a two-run shot. his 17th and 4-2a's. they close it out and riding a streak to 44 straight saves. gone. cocoa crisp a valiant try, but it is a blown save and a 2-1 homer ties it at four. the orange train is on the move. jason castro and the pitch gets away from norris. runners moving and norris throws and it gets away from moss at first and here comes jonathon viar. a's with a gift to the astros. it is a 5-4 win and the 10-game win streak over houston comes to an end. once upon a time yes, jermaine o'neil was a high school kid making the jump to the nba before the one and done kids you see now. today he is a veteran and a new golden state warrior. the 34-year-old center says he still has some game left. he will back upbogit and he feels he has lots to offer in this his 18th season as a pro. >> have i been blessed -- i have been blessed to play this game this long. it has given me great opportunities in the business world. but i still feel like there is unfinished busine
the reds 5-3. career victory number 1500 for the skipper bruce bochy. a's and astros in houston and crazy finish and tied 2-2 in the eighth. turns down a fast ball and a two-run shot. his 17th and 4-2a's. they close it out and riding a streak to 44 straight saves. gone. cocoa crisp a valiant try, but it is a blown save and a 2-1 homer ties it at four. the orange train is on the move. jason castro and the pitch gets away from norris. runners moving and norris throws and it gets away from moss at first and here comes jonathon viar. a's with a gift to the astros. it is a 5-4 win and the 10-game win streak over houston comes to an end. once upon a time yes, jermaine o'neil was a high school kid making the jump to the nba before the one and done kids you see now. today he is a veteran and a new golden state warrior. the 34-year-old center says he still has some game left. he will back upbogit and he feels he has lots to offer in this his 18th season as a pro. >> have i been blessed -- i have been blessed to play this game this long. it has given me great opportunities in the business world. bu
. they're doing all right. thank you cards in order for the houston astros. you gotta give the astros credit. it certainly hasn't been easy for the astros to do it, as they take care of things against bud norris, who grew up in marin county. 1-0 lead. houston now up 3-1. eric has got himself a double. the astro lead is cut to 3-2. every one of these games with the astros, a tight one. but coco comes through. not known for his long ball, but he takes travis blackley deep. two-run shot, coco's tenth. the a's have now taking the astros 11 out of 12 times this year. they lead the west by three. >>> meantime, it's back in camp up in wine country, napa, california. some of the veteran also come straggling in. two of the rookies are not in camp. still unsigned. one of the guys in camp, chris kluwe, is the new punter. in his first year he is with the raiders, but he is well aware of the legacy of the silver and black. >> this is a "just win, baby" decade. it's the raiders. everyone knows who the raiders are. that's really cool for me to be able to help try and contribute to that and help con
medical clinic in houston, texas. >> over here we have the cerebellum, which is for balance, and the brain stem, and right on top over here, this round little--oval, rather--oval gland over here, about slightly less than 1 centimeter, will be the pituitary gland. it's a round, small, little organ the size of the tip of my little finger over here that sends signals to these organs to produce these sexual hormones. in males, the pituitary gland will send signals to the testes to produce the testosterone. >> the pituitary gland makes two very important hormones called f.s.h. and l.h. >> mcfarland: f.s.h. stands for follicle-stimulating hormone. these hormones regulate the development of bodily growth and the maturing process in puberty. it also helps regulate the reproductive process. l.h. stands for luteinizing hormone, and it plays a role in triggering testosterone production. and in fact, the problem could be even more upstream than the pituitary gland. that's because the hypothalamus gland plays a big role in the the hypothalamus makes the hormone gonadotropin-releasing hormone, or gnrh,
. it is mid-afternoon outside this massage parlor in houston. >> this is a little camera i'll wear on my body. >> reporter: darren, my producer, poses as a potential customer. >> wish me luck. when you walk into these places, the first thing you see is a big window. and these girls straight out in front of you behind the glass. and i guess, the idea is that you take your pick. how much is it? how much? >> 160. >> okay, and you girls dance, too? no dance. okay. all right, thank you. obviously you can't just ask for sex. there is a lot of coded language being used. and full service? >> live one-on-one. >> all right, plate glass windows, steel bars, women dressed in very revealing clothing, things that just basically suggest that this is not your everyday massage pa parlor. >> next, i'm going to go in myself, working as a journalist to see if anybody comes out to talk to me. >> all right, she is going in. >> hi. do you work here? >> no. >> oh, you don't. oh, okay. thank you. hello? my name is marianne, i'm from national geographic. i'm working on a film. as i leave the spa, the man i saw in the
went bankrupt, would you say the windy city just left out its final fart? no, you wouldn't. if houston had a devastating earthquake would you start by saying, "houston, we have a problem." the problem is your buildings are collapsing and there are hundreds of people trapped under the rubble. no, this is no place for jokes and puns apart from this one. that's top notch. this is our job. just the one bright side is that detroit might get a little economic boost from all those reporters flocking to it to cover the story, right? >> mike tobin live in chicago with the news. mike, a dramatic afternoon in detroit. >> whether that's chap term 9 how they go to the motions i don't know but jeff lock does. he's right near detroit in chicago. >> john: really? chicago. so you have reporters take gun fire in war zones all over the world. you've had them gear gassed during protests. you've forced them to take 200 miles an hour winds to the face during storms but apparently having them stand on a corner in downtown detroit, oh, that is just too dangerous an assignment. [ cheers and applause ] tell tha
secuestatros, pedro rojas nos amplia. >>> segÚn la policÍa de houston se encontraron a los 4 hombres, sin baÑo. 3 fueron transportados al hospital, presentaron muestras de desnutriciÓn. la cuerta vÍctima prestÓ testimonio a la policÍa. (hablan en inglÉs) >>> la persona que fue detenida estaba cobrando sus cheques, quien ademÁs revelÓ que fueron encontradas 4 mujeres tbiÉn. los 4 hombres no tenÍan acceso al baÑo y se les daba solo cigarrillos. varios grup pos de manifestantes realizarneo una marcha por solidaridad de treyvon martin, gritafan consignas sobre el sistela judicial. >>> la nueva propuesta aprabada por la cÁmara federal de representantes nos habrÁ antonio valverde. >>> a la hora de conseguir un empleo, la diferencia se hace por la escuela donde se vaya. >>> quÉ necesitamos hacer para llegar a la carrera requerida. >>> las posibilidad de conguir empleo deben tomarse en cuenta, se debe dejar la decisiÓn a la autoridades de educaciÓn. >>> queremos que los jÓvenes puedan sobresalir y tenerun empleo digno. >>> la propuesta significaria revertir esta ley que expirÓ en el 2
finalizan contra los astros de houston. >> termino la ecdicion numero 100 de las carreras de grancias. >> estuvo a c >> nairo qwuintana quien tewrmino segundo, el fue el mejor para colimbina y para un sudamericano. >> saludos a nuestra gente colombiana, nos vamos, viene el noticiero univision. >> buen provecho. >> >>> estÁs son las principales noticias. un grupo de jÓvenes se solidaristaneo para crustaleo la frontera. todo lista para la visita del papa francisco a brasil. dos jÓvenes fueron detanidos por comprar droga. >>> este es su noticiero univisiÓn. >>> comenzar con la visita que harÁ el papa francisco a brasil, los ojos del mundo estarÁ fibajo en brasil. hoy hubo numerosas manifestaciones. >>> desde el vaticano, antes de emprenden der un buen viaje, agradecio a todos y dijo que recen por Él. el pontÍfice se encontrara a mas de un millÓn de fieles. tambiÉn hay muchos que lo acompajaran, rio prepara cada detalle para preparar al papa. los recuerdos se venden en cada esquina. brasil es considerado como el de mayor fieles en el mundo. pero en momentos de mayor tensiÓn soc
tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. with houston..they didn't py good defense, and even their ve..but good >>> the as were just three for 26 with runners scoring position in their three-game series with houston. they didn't play good defense. even the closer blew a save but good teams know how to win ugly. getaway in houston for the green and gold. tied at one in the 6th inning. carlos colpran two shot to right. aj griffin has now allowed 23 home runs tied for the second most in the majors. solo shot. coco crisp with a two-run shot into the crawford boxes. his tenth home run of the year. grant balfour the day off so it was ryan cook in for the save. he got the final four out. the as win 4-3 i thought this was one of their worst series of the year but they win it. they are now 11-1 against houston this series. >>> alex rodriguez is expected to be baseball's next big name suspended for using performance- enhancing drugs and as always with a-rod there's drama. rodriguez has been on the dl all season. and just as he was ready to return last weekend, he was
careers of everyone from bruce springsteen to whitney houston. i sat down with each of them on what is next for the business of music. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: we start today with an icon of the movie business, jerey katzenberg. he is cofounder and ceo of dreamworks animation. the studio sign ad m major multiyear original content deal with netflix. it is the largest deal of its kind in netflix history. it gives members exclusive access of 300 hours of new tv epodes. the dreamworks shows will be inspired by characters from its hit franchises like "shrek" and kung fu panda. the big question, will this deal launch dreamworks animation from a movie studio to a all-out multiplatform media business? that is where i started out when i spoke with jeffrey katzenberg recently. it looks like it will throw off a lot w of revenue for your 100 million in the first year. you think by 25th teen it will kick up to 200 million annually. break break that down for me. how is the cost sucture for me. how is the difference between a doing a series and a big movie? >>
identificar y desde houston ceci nos presÉntalo trabajo hefl por forense para reconstruir el rostro de esta vÍctima. >>> hace unos meses la oficina del che ruffo de houston recibÓo llamada reportando un hallazgo una bolsa de basura cam nada entre estos arbustos en medio de una vÍa principal. >>>la bolsa tenÍa un cuerpo que ya estaba deshaciendodose y no tenÍa mucha informaciÓn, lo que tenemos es dos bolsas cuando el cuerpo estaba, tratamos de agarrar videos de las tiendas que estÁn cerca pero nada que nos dio informaciÓn. >>> los detectives y el mÉdico forense hicieron un examen de los restos y alrededores donde aparecieron pero fue muy poco lo que encontraron para tratar de determinar la identidad de la vÍctima y cÓmo se e produjo la muerte. >>> nadie ha reclamado el cuerpo. sabemos que el cuerpo es de alguien de unos cinco pies a cinco pies dos, es una mujer delgada. joven. es difÍcil saber la edad, pero el departamento del condado forense, nos dio la edad de 14 aÑos a 18 aÑos por ahÍ. pero nada es exacto. >>> el cuerpo estaba en alto grado de disposiciÓn pero no aÍi su v
. and the mustache. those were pretty good. top seven. 3-1, houston. chris young homers to left. ninth of the year. eighth home run in 22 games for houston. josh reddick, good-bye. knew that right away. a's win 4-3. they're 10-10, versus houston this season. ten wins, no losses. >>> ryan braun has been sus spended without play for the remainder of the season, for violation of baseball's basic agreement and its drug prevention and treatment program. braun took responsibility for his actions. saying, i'm not perfect. i'm willing to accept the consequences. >>> meanwhile, 49ers training camp is under way in santa clara. one player will not be present. defensive back, eric wright, whose trade to san francisco was voided today after he failed a physical. the recent buzz has been around colin kaepernick. his photo with the miami dolphins. today, jim harbaugh addressed the caper. >> i know kap. i know him. and i know what his allegiance is. where they lie. they lie with us. chalk that up to his slow time in the media cycle. know kap very well. and know where his allegiances are. >>> the summer league in
kestrels oftentimes spirit houston to the american league accurate the only pitcher in baseball and closer giving up and two wall to mass to me this. there is the game is now tied kron4 has deejays all over the place. joey votto takes surcamp deep for another home run5-1 reds bruce bochy has seen enough top 5th/ 7-2 reds >> gary: the houston astros words you will only hear on kron! >> catherine: wow! >> gary: is good to have reporters all over the place. anyway... >> gary: the giants plan to cincinnati in game no. 1 we are in the third ending. game no. 1 air answer cap off yusmiero petit 8-2 reds >> gary: >> gary: battered young giants fan score: 9-2 reds in the 8th >> jacqueline: at the >> gary: rodriguez could be facing a life time that band. much more than what was presented to ryan bronzed of the milwaukee brewers. quickset a expend an extension for the rest of the season. they have the goods apparently on registrar to buy off. no word from rodriguez. the mvp of 2011 he beat met camp for the award. that was at the they should he be the mvp or should they take the honor away from him. s
george zimmerman. in houston, texas, a garage become as prison for several elderly people who say they've been held captive. disturbing allegations coming up next. >>> and comic books one to life in san diego. thousands descend on the city for comic-con. >>> first up, the demonstrations held right now across the country in support of trayvon martin. our correspondents are covering the rails from coast to coast now. alina cho in new york where there are a lot of recognizable faces. alina, i understand trayvon martin's mother also is there, and there have been many celebrities. they've also arrived. >> reporter: that's right. that's right, fredricka. in fact, all morning we have been reporting the big headliner today at this rally would be sybrina fulton the mother of trayvon martin. she was here, came with the reverend al sharpton did take to the podium and said trayvon was just a child. he just had candy and than she vowed she would work not only for trayvon's memory but that she would work for, and speaking to the crowd, your children as well. again, we had been reporting that she wou
to some live pictures now. let's take you to houston, texas. houston, texas, and there is something going on. it's in the river oaks neighborhood. there is a rally that's happening there. and this is some pro -- this is pro trayvon martin, a group there, marching towards the mall and a pro george zimmerman rally. and i want you to take note of the amount of police officers nearby. we haven't heard any reports of anything violent. these are people as far as we know who are just exercising their american right to protest on both sides here. and so that is what they're doing. we heard earlier that the mall where the pro george zimmerman rally was being held, that some of the shop owners closed their doors today because they were concerned that there might be some violence, but so far no violence and we are keeping an eye on it. but anyway, a lot going on here to tell you about and we'll keep you updated on all of that. much, much more on the way like this as well. another story. an absolutely gruesome discovery in ohio. the bodies of three women found wrapped in plastic, and authorities say
. but a different scene in houston this weekend. a rally supporting george zimmerman sprang up. police were on-hand nearly every step of the way for both rallies. held on opposite sides of the same street. law enforcement stepped up their numbers out of concern that the protests could turn violent. several stores in the area closed early or didn't open at all over similar concerns of violence. even though tensions rose. the protests managed to remain peaceful. >> and dr. phil asks the question did the justice system fail? or was justice served? today at 4. dr. phil will talk to trayvon martin's parents and also with george zimmerman's best friend. >> the penalty phase re-trial for jodi arias won't likely start until september. arias was back in court earlier this week for a status hearing. she was convicted in may for the brutal killing of her ex-boyfriend. now, her lawyers are doing everything they can to try and keep her off death row. ted rowlands has the details. >> for foreman's she had a daily change of clothes. tuesday's hearing was to find out when a new jury would find out whether not
howard moved to the houston rockets. all of that and more at this hour on markets now. ♪ connell: basketball and taxes. dagen: hey, baby. what is going on? i have not seen you all morning. upbeat and not angry. top of the hour. stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole: good morning. a little back and forth action. we will have to as and p and the dow pulling back. the big story is oil. as a result, you are seeing the price of oil per barrel on the rise. also it is worth noting, the longest since april. the nasdaq yesterday closed to the upside. it closed at its highest level in more than 12 years. stuart: slashing the budget by 24%. dagen: out of here. will it go anywhere? just start with the budget cuts. any chance that the republicans get a significant cut? >> they could. the irs has been behaving like a democratic political action committee. why one it they want to come from this agency. if democrats to go to that for the irs, i think they should. connell: dagen asked a key question. will this go anywhere? >> there is some substance to doing this. they added 5000 new agents. da
ineffectual government, cities like los angeles, boston and houston are taking it upon themselves to overcome political barriers even to reshape immigration. joining us is bruce kstz, the author of "the metropolitan revolution: how cities are fixing our economy." welcome to the war room. >> thanks for having me. >> michael: explain what the metropolitan revolution is. >> well, there is no secret to your viewers. cities face super charged challenges and washington has essentially left the building. what jennifer and i see are cities stepping up to grow jobs and make their economies more prosperous. investing in infrastructuring equipping workers with the skills they need. increasinglychange is increasinglying happening where we live and it's going to spread across the country and bring benefits to the metropolis. >> michael: you spoke about denver where politicians were overcoming obstacles that seemed impossible at the federal level. >> cities and metropolitan areas are not governments. they're networks of institution leaders, companies advance research institutions and mayors and county lead
millan's family attorney darrell parks joins me from houston, texas, now. cnn reached out to the sheriff's department with an open records request and so far has no response. they also have not responded to an interview request. what makes you believe, we're wondering, that the death is more than just a random killing. what makes you believe that? >> well, without question, don, the mere fact that the sheriff refuses to talk on the issue draws serious concern. >> just because he refuses to talk on the issue. why does that give you -- you don't think they're just having an investigation and they don't want to give up their information? you think they're hiding something? >> well, the mere fact that mr. reed has no court date, they have given no information to the family and not contacted from the sheriff or the d.a. >> so what are you saying by that? >> well, you know, i'm getting feedback here but i'll say this. they have more in any situation where you have the victims. they have a right to get information. to date, the sheriff or the d.a. has not contacted the family. >> okay. let's mo
case we first told you about yesterday. police found the four men in a home in houston. >> very troubling. three of them, police say, were being kept in a garage when they were found by authorities, but now police want to know exactly why they were there, how long they were there for. ed lavandera has more. ed? >> reporter: victor and poppy, criminal charges have now been filed in this bizarre case in north houston, where four men were found being held against their will inside this house just beyond that purple wall. the man who was arrested is a man by the name of walter jones. he is the grandson of the woman who owns this house. he has been charged with two felony criminal counts, one of them injury to the elderly by act and the other injury to the elderly by omission. and this is a case where investigators are still trying to unravel the timeline of exactly what was going on inside this house and how long the four men had been held against their will inside this house. they said the conditions inside were deplorable, the men needed to be taken to a hospital for treatment, bu
explosiones con una distancia mayor cancelo 6 vuelos de houston y la ciudad de mexico cancelo su vuelo , de los angeles al aeropuerto de la ciudad de mexico dos de atlanta y una más de detroit también se cancelaron pospuso dos salídas programadas a san antonio texas . >>> la presencia del crater mantiene la posibilidad con emisiones grandes de cenizas pero la poblacion confie en la relación tiene con el coloso aquí me quedo las autoridades , si quiere mascarillas cubrir nariz y boca mantenerse en eñl interior usar la ceniza ,a fecta la viibilidad . >>> por que otros percibimos el volcán popocatépetl , del hielo ahorita no podemos usar para bañarnos y cocinar la marina ha realizado sobrevuelos para determinar la reaccion además es recomendado mantenerse alertas es caso de ser necesaria , joaquin fuentes univisión . >>> nos vamos a una pausa , y al regreso venezuela bolivia y nicaragua le dan ascilo a snowden . >>> un violento choque en la capital de egipto . >>> volvemos ya volvemos no se vaya ♪ ♪ >>> varios posibilidades de latinoamÉrica han cobrado protagonism
in a houston men. 12 men have been found locked up in a room with the door nailed shut. three were in such bad condition. they couldn't walk. four women were found in the home. they appear to have special needs. the men appeared to be homeless and may have been forced to turn over the social security checks. >>> a tearful vigil was held last night. there was also a moment of conflict when some protesters showed up planning to march. we caught it on video. the evening was about mourning the victim. friends and neighbors came together in the diamond district where she was killed. >> it's senseless to kill a young baby. >> she was sleeping at a friend's house wednesday night. she was killed when she answered the front door. her 7-year-old friend and the grandmother were also shot. >>> a crime lab technician is scheduled to be sentenced after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor of cocaine possession in march. she took small amounts of cocaine from the lab. both trials ended in hung juries. she worked for 29 years in the crime lab before resigning in 2009. >>> form eer county supervisor scheduled for
prices of the latter as a funding source for the former. he spoke at the world affairs council of houston. this is about an hour. >> okay. a couple of weeks ago i actually realize a book. [laughter] not a financial statement report, not a printout of a sack of e-mails, not an industry magazine but an actual book with a hard cover and nice pages. it's actually an enjoyable experience. i suggest you try it sometime. it's entitled "the power surge," by dr. michael levin. i've had the pleasure of reading a number of pieces, so what i found inside this book was a real surprise. admittedly, i'd expected to find cleverly-worded, one-sided propaganda that's the hallmark of any debate in our sound bite-driven news cycle. but instead i found nuance and the understanding of complexity. i expected to find be a tax and hand-picked anecdotes trying to prove one side of an argument at the expense of the other. instead i found the appreciation that both sides of an argument can have validity. and nowhere did i detect any type of hidden agenda. i didn't see any cause except to identify what the true natur
houston rescato a 4 hombres que habian sido mantenidos cautivos desde hace 10 aqos en una vivienda, en condiciones realmente deplorables.continua la ola de calor que azota desde hace dias a varias ciudades del noreste del pais, aunque ya se pronostican fuertes precipitaciones.mas esta tarde en horario especial. ♪ ♪ a poco, ya te vas? >>> sÍ, es que tengo muchas cosas que hacer. >>> muchas cosas que hacer como quÉ? >>> me voy a poner a jugar con mi amigo imaginario. >>> un amigo imaginario que es eso? >>> a poco no tienes un amigo imaginario? >>> no, es malo. > >>>? >>> no tiene amigo imaginario! dramÁtico no cuates, sabÍan usted que mÁs del 40% de los niÑos en mÉxico, sufren por no tener un amigo imaginario, el traÍmos generado por esto, profesor ce consecuencias de verdad difÍciles en la mente de un niÑo, aunque en este niÑo, es comprensible que no tenga amigos, mucho menos imaginarios (risas) tras mucha investigaciones la gran suprema china ha resuelto el problema, tengo el gusto de presentarles al rober el primer amigo imaginario, aquÍ estÁ en caja no solo estÁ rob
. . . >> maybe a betting practice tomorrow and houstons when the a's go up against the astros. mickelson wins come of the heel of the top loss of the u.s. last month. today's success moves him to number 2 in the world. today is the second edition of the old championship in golf. that's great news for him, that wraps it up for us tonight from all of us here at kron. have a great night everybody. >> good night everyone. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for cold p
enfrenartran la serie contra los astros en houston. >> al selección mexicana de fútbol, arribo a dalas procedente de atlanta donde tuvieron practica matutina, concentrados en su htoel para prepara el encuentro de copa oroe en la selección de panama >> le ceunto que un futbolsita hondureño paso de ser futbolista a basquetbolista, el lobo amado guevara que jugó en el equipo nacional de tegucigalpa, jugo 2 minutos y cerro el punto, y cerro el partido con 3 recuperaciones, un hombre que estuvo en la mls, se fue a honduras, y ahora lo intenta como basquetbolista, hemos llegado al final del camino, muchas gracias por la atencion a una edición más de acción deportiva extra, los espero mañana en noticias univisión 14, buenas noches para todos. ♪ ♪ (musica) . >>> domingo 21 de las noticas. >>> enorme expectativa en el mundo catolico por la visita del papa. >>> jovenes se preparan para cruzar la fortnera. >>> investigacion y justicia por el accidente en texas. >>> estados unidos y honduras en semifinales de la copa oro >>> vamos con toda la informacion >>> este es el noticiero univis
's people. >> reporter: at its annual convention in houston, they present an awareness of mental health issues and ease stigma to encourage to proactively minister to those suffering. >> there are legitimate issues people struggle with. the church needs to be a place where we say we understand. >> reporter: page says the local church can help through support groups, counseling or simply awareness of community resources, more than 36,000 people taking their lives each year, it could meet an enormous need. heather sells, cbn news. >> up next, meet an american missionary that risked its life in rio's most dangerous slums and the gang leader that just days before his death. >> welcome back to the show. brazil has one of the fastest growing church populations in latin america. poverty is still a huge issue with more than 11 million people living in slums. >> american missionary erick rees spent days in poverty and brings light to rio de janeiro. >> what makes me love rio is seeing the hurting people in communities like this just trying to survive. trying to pay the bills, put food on the tab
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